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  • Global Team of Lecturers
  • Over 100 learning modules and case studies
  • Access to faculty and program online anytime, anywhere
  • Hands-on cases and assignments
  • Get recognized globally as a Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Team-up with the best marketers and learn from your peers
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Deirdre Breakenridge
Chief Executive Officer, Pure Performance Communications
Alexander de Leon
Display Solutions Manager, Google
Jonathan See
Senior Client Relations Executive, iSentia-Brandtology Pte Ltd
Brad Geiser
President, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc
Marie Claire Lim Moore
Author of Don’t Forget the Soap (Amazon Best Seller)
Jason Cruz
Director of Community Management, MRM Worldwide Manila
Nina Terol-Zialcita
Communications and Messaging Head, Office of Senator Bam Aquino
Charo Limaco-Puyo
Head, Pinoy Exchange and Havoc Digital Director for Online Communities Group
Rosario Juan
Social Media Strategist, CEO of Commune, Former Social Media Director at Movent
Carlo Ople
Managing Director and Partner, DIGIT
Rezza Custodio-Soriano
Vice President for External Affairs, Team Planu Inc
Yves Gonzales
Social Command Head, MRM Worldwide Manila
Sonny Jeremiah Macalino
Business Manager – NEO@Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Mather
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Global Team of Lecturers. Get trained by global and regional heads of the top digital marketing organizations in the world. Our lecturers come from prestigious organizations like Pure Performance Communications, Geiser Maclang, MRM Worldwide, Havoc Digital, DM9 JaymeSyfu’s digital outfit DIGIT and more!
Interact with our lecturers at the convenience of your home or office! 1 live webinar lecture a week. Cases will be given as assignments and two students’ notable submissions will be dissected during the live lecture online. Webinar sessions are recorded and uploaded to the Learning Management System for easy viewing later on in case you miss a session, or need to view things again.
Over 100 learning modules and case studies, covering various social media strategies. Learn about award winning social media marketing campaigns from the region, and globally. See how effective social media marketing may deliver even better ROI (return on investment).
Hands-on caselets/assignments. Caselets (mini-case) as assignments will be given… The caselet will be dissected by a lecturer during a live webinar, once a week.
Access the program conveniently online anytime anywhere. Our Online Learning Management System (LMS) provides you with:
  • Online access to interactive learning modules, videos, and webinars featuring global speakers, cases, and lessons.
  • An online facilitator who will assist you in completing the program
  • Social, forum tools to interact with the teachers in the program, and your classmates
Be a Social Media Marketing Specialist. After completing the whole track, the specialist title will be given by the Certified Digital Marketer Program of the International Institute of Digital Marketing. Earn your certification and get recognized by over 10 global organizations!
At the end of the track, the participant should be able to:
  1. Based on a framework, design and implement Social Media Marketing strategies for organizations, including company-wide social media branding and product-specific campaigns. Create a comprehensive Social Media Marketing plan that leverages on various types of social media, such as:
    • Social Networks (Facebook, Google+)
    • Photo sharing (flickr, instagram)
    • Video (YouTube, Vimeo)
    • Micro Blogging (Twitter, Plurk)
    • Publishing (Wikipedia, Blogger)
    • Live-casting (ustream, justin.tv)
    • RSS
    • Crowd Sourcing (Yahoo Answers)
    • Virtual Worlds
    • Gaming (World of warcraft)
    • Conversation Apps (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Chikka)
  2. Execute social media campaigns and implementation of custom promotions/contents, create and enhance an organization’s social media properties, manage an organization’s social media properties, conversational monitoring, viral video/content distribution throughout social media sites, etc. (Note: course will include some/limited modules on online media relations also, including blogger & influencer outreach, creation)
  3. Monitor and validate a social media program’s marketing quality and effectiveness. Track results against a range of campaign goals/metrics. Proactively suggest ways to improve the program’s effectiveness.
  4. Deeply understand and apply a framework for online community management. Be able to leverage on success factors for building online communities, such as: community participant rewards, developing influencers within the community, creating customs, and developing significance and recognition for the community even *outside* the community
Students taking the Social Media Specialist Track are required to take the following courses:
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Marketing 101
  • Social Media Marketing 102
  • Final Plan
The Digital Marketing Plan April 30, 2014 – May 14, 2014
May 29, 2014 – June 11, 2014 
Social Media Marketing 101 March 19, 2014 – April 16, 2014
June 26, 2014 – July 10, 2014 
Social Media Marketing 102 April 23, 2014 – May 7, 2014
July 24, 2014 – August 7, 2014 
Final Plan May 21, 2014 – June 11, 2014
Digital Marketing Plan

General Objective: By the end of this course, students are expected to develop understanding on the relevance of digital marketing as part of businesses’ marketing endeavors and gain competency on planning such through the application of the four-step framework. Specifically, students shall:

  1. Get acquainted with the current digital marketing landscape and its fundamental concepts
  2. Gain knowledge on the process of planning, creating, publicizing as well as analyzing and optimizing digital marketing platforms
  3. Recognize the importance of integrating digital in a marketing plan
  4. Come up with a strategic, unified, and engaging digital marketing plan
Week Webinar Online Course Module
Week 1

Bootcamp (Face-to-Face Session)

Overview of the course:

  • Overview of the Digital Marketing landscape
  • Four-step planning framework
  • Digital audience profiling
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Paid Owned Earned Digital Media (POEM)
  • Fundamental Analytics
  • Putting together a Digital Marketing Plan
Week 2

Discussion of Assignment 1

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Digital Channels
  • Digital Marketing Framework: Planning the Platform
Week 3

Discussion of Assignment 2

Digital Marketing Framework: Creating, Publicizing and Analyzing/Optimizing the Platform

Social Media Marketing 101

COURSE OBJECTIVES By the end of this course, students are expected to identify key social media marketing concepts and apply fundamental knowledge sets in setting up their social media marketing campaign

  1. Explain the importance of social media as marketing tool
  2. Determine brand’s identity and personality through crafting of social media personality
  3. Identify characteristics of various social media marketing platforms
  4. Recognize social media marketing best practices through understanding of case studies and industry standards
  5. Create a cohesive and engaging content plan for their social media marketing campaign
  6. Enumerate key social media metrics, analytical framework concepts, and tools
Week Webinar Online Course Module
Week 1

Webinar 1: Overview and Framework

  • Current Philippine Social Media Landscape
  • Four-step digital marketing framework applied to social media

SME: Rezza Custodio-Soriano

Webinar 2: Creating your brand’s voice and online content plan

SME: Deirdre Breakenridge

  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
    1. State of Social Media Usage in the Philippines
    2. The Value of Social Media
    3. Peek Into the Social Media Marketing Principles
    4. A Review: The Digital Marketing Framework
      1. Planning the Platform
      2. Creating the Platform
      3. Publicizing the Platform
      4. Analysis and Optimization
    5. Planning the Social Media Platform
      1. Knowing your objectives
      2. Understanding your audience
      3. Brand voice
Week 2

Webinar 3: Assignment 1 Discussion

SME: Deirdre Breakenridge

Webinar 4: Effective Use of Facebook for Your Brand

SME: Jason Cruz

  1. Creating the Social Media Platform
    1. Channel Mix Selection
      • Conversation Prism
      • Understanding Different Social Media Spaces
      • Channel Selection
    2. Content Planning
Week 3

Webinar 5: Effective Use of Twitter for Your Brand

SME: Yves Gonzales

Webinar 6: Social Media Analytics

SME: Jonathan See of Brandtology

  1. Publicizing the Platform
    • Utilization of other channels to promote/enhance publicity of your social media campaigns
Week 4

Webinar 7: Assignment 2 & 3 Discussion

SME: Jason Cruz

Webinar 8: Leveraging on Bloggers and Influencers

SME: Marie Claire Lim Moore

  1. Analysis and Optimization
    1. Social media monitoring and listening
    2. Social media measurement framework
    3. Sentiment analysis
    4. Analysis tools
  2. Special Topics
    1. Visual marketing
    2. Location-based marketing
Social Media Marketing 102

After knowing the basic principles of social media marketing as discussed in Social Media Marketing 101, we are going to take you in different areas of social media marketing apart from having platforms and content in place. After creating your campaign, it is now time to know how to run and manage it by employing more social media capabilities.

General Objective: By the end of this course, students are expected to conceptualize specific action steps on how to utilize the paid, owned, earned and integrated facets of social media to create a holistic plan afterwards. Specifically:

Specific Objectives:

  • To recognize types of social media advertisements
  • To determine the process and considerations in running paid social ads
  • To apply key tenets in crafting internal social media policies
  • To identify appropriate actions to be able to build online communities that are sustainable and responsive to the needs, goals, and interests of their audience
  • To figure out how to maintain good social media reputation and address social crises if and when they arise
  • To explain how to put all the elements of social media marketing in order to create an integrated effort
Week Webinar Online Course Module
Week 1

Webinar 1: Introduction to Course and Running social ads (PPC, CPC) via Facebook

SME: Sonny Macalinao of Ogilvy

Webinar 2: Crafting your social media policy (April 28)

SME: Nina Terol- Zialcita

  1. Introduction: Social Media as a Multi-Faceted Channel
  2. The Paid Aspect of Social Media: Running Social Media Ads
    1. Benefits of Investing in Paid Ads
    2. Types of Paid Ads in Social Media Platforms
    3. Considerations in Running Paid Ads
    4. Process of Setting Up Paid Ads in Different Social Platforms
    5. Social Ads Cases
Week 2

Webinar 3: Online community management

SME: Jason Cruz

Webinar 4: Reputation Management (May 5)

SME: Jonas de los Reyes

  1. The Owned Aspect of Social Media:
    1. Crafting Your Social Media Policy
      1. The Importance of Crafting an Organization-Wide Social Media Policy
      2. The different roles and responsibilities within and outside the social media team
      3. Core Social Media Usage Tenets
      4. Best practices, and examples of great social media policies
Week 3

Webinar 5: YouTube as a Paid, Owned and Earned Channel and How You Can Effectively Capitalize on It

SME: Alexander de Leon

Webinar 6: Integrated social media marketing plan

SME: Brad Geiser

  1. The Earned Aspect of Social Media
    1. Online Community Management
      1. The Importance of Building a Community
      2. Resources Needed in Building A Community
      3. Characteristics of an Effective Community Manager
      4. Community Management Tools
      5. Community Planning: RVAP Framework
    2. Reputation Management
      1. How to Form and Maintain Good Reputation in the Social Sphere
      2. Elements of a Social Media Crisis
      3. How to Respond to Social Media Crises
      4. Cases of Social Media Crises and How Brands Responded to Them
  2. Integrated Social Media Marketing Plan
    1. Review of the Social Media Marketing Process
    2. Putting all elements together
    3. Social Media Marketing Plan Template
Final Plan
Students complete their integrated social media marketing plans and present to a panel of experts.
Register and pay your fee online or via bank wire-transfer or deposit.
You will get an acknowledgement of your payment and a schedule of when your login will be issued, and when the live online sessions will be held, including assignment deadlines.
Your login will be issued on the first day of each course.
An orientation session and program overview will be given on during the first live webinar. In this session, you will also be given an orientation on how to use the online Learning Management System (LMS), to access your interactive learning modules, case studies, videos, forums, and more.
Every week you will be given target online lessons to cover and assignments to complete before the live webinars are held. Again, there will be one webinar a week, and it will cover a caselet assignment discussion to be conducted by a lecturer.

We strongly suggest that all students complete these caselet assignments to be able to appreciate the discussion during the live online session.
On the final course, students will have a choice to present their THESIS via webinar or live, in front of the Subject Matter Experts.
Social Media Marketing Specialist Track Investment
Courses Early Bird Rate Regular Rate Total
The Digital Marketing Plan Php 7,800+VAT $ 200.00 Php 9,500+VAT $ 240.00 Php 46,000+VAT
$ 1,160.00
Social Media Marketing 101 Php 11,800+VAT $ 300.00 Php 13,500+VAT $ 340.00
Social Media Marketing 102 Php 11,800+VAT $ 300.00 Php 13,500+VAT $ 340.00
Final Plan Php 9,500+VAT $ 240.00 Php 9,500+VAT $ 240.00
Full Track Offer
Early Bird Rate Regular Rate 
Php 29,500+VAT (36% discount)
$ 740.00
Php 34,500+VAT (25% discount)
PANA members discount
*P500 per module off
*P800 off for the whole program