The Digital Marketing Plan

Schedule November 13 – December 4, 2014
Face-to-Face Session: November 13, 2014
Consultation Webinar: November 20, 2014
Summary Webinar: December 4, 2014
Regular Rate Php 9,500 + VAT
Early Bird Rate Php 7,800 + VAT (Until September 16 only)
Today the ascent of digital marketing as a key medium being consumed across the world and across the country is simply phenomenal. We see its consumption going beyond the normal boundaries of geography and time. We truly see the power shifting from advertiser to consumer. Advertisers no longer have the sole control over the marketing of brands. Consumers have started to speak their minds about brands, companies, having a major hand as to what, when and where they can be spoken to by advertisers.
  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
    1. Who Changed the Game?
    2. What is Digital Marketing?
    3. New Marketing Mix
    4. The Digital Marketer
    5. The Key Players
  2. Digital Channels
    1. POEM
    2. Paid Media
      1. Search
    3. Owned Media
      1. Website
      2. Mobile
      3. Email
    4. Earned Media
      1. Social Media
  3. Digital Marketing: Is it for your brand or not?
    1. How to know if your brand already needs to go digital
  4. Digital Marketing Planning Framework
    1. Planning the Platform
      1. Knowing Your Customer
        1. The Consumer and Their 6 Digital Lifestyles
        2. The Consumer in Digital Asia Pacific
        3. The Digital Consumer in/of the Philippines
      2. Digital Marketing Framework: Planning the Platform
        1. Brand Purpose
        2. Creating a Consumer Profile
        3. Setting Goals
    2. Creating the Platform
      1. Digital Marketing Framework: Creating the Platform
        1. Value Proposition
        2. Channel Mix and Creative Concept
        3. Customer Journey Map
        4. Content Plan/Schedule
    3. Publicizing Your Platform
      1. Digital Marketing Framework: Publicizing Your Platform
        1. Messaging
    4. Analysis and Optimization
      1. Digital Marketing Framework: Analysis and Optimization
        1. Collecting Data
        2. Setting Objectives, Goals, and KPIs
        3. Creating a Marketing Funnel
        4. Computing Return on Investment (ROI)
  5. Digital Marketing Terminologies
  6. Digital Marketing Planning Framework Applied
    1. Planning the Platform
    2. Creating the Platform
    3. Publicizing the Platform
    4. Analysis and Optimization

How It Works

Step 1: Each course starts with an introductory lecture with our speakers from the industry.

Step 2: Followed by a 2-week online course, guided by an online facilitator.

Step 3: The output of each class is marketing brief/plan that you can use for work. In the summary session, you will present your work to a panel of experts via webinar who can give you practical feedback.

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